Delivery Options


Specialist care and guidance

Mr Fernando provides specialist care and guidance during your labour and delivery. He is also able to provide interventions, such as an unplanned Caesarean delivery, if your labour is complicated. Having the same doctor present during childbirth that you had for your prenatal care can also help you feel calm and reassured.

Just as every baby is different, every birth is different. Mr Fernando will tailor your support to your needs during labour and delivery. He can aid with everything from establishing a birth plan you are comfortable with to treating any problems that develop during delivery.

He will also explain what to expect during childbirth and make sure you feel confident and know what to do when labour begins.

During your regular appointments, he will advise you on your delivery options, including:

  • the choice of hospitals
  • types of pain relief
  • possible interventions you may be at risk for

During labour and childbirth, Mr Fernando and the team will also:

  • support you throughout the stages labour
  • ensure you and your birth partner feel in control and stay fully informed of everything that is happening
  • make sure you are comfortable and getting enough pain relief
  • keep you and your birth partner fully informed and help you to feel in control
  • perform any necessary interventions, including induction, assisted delivery or a planned or unplanned Caesarean section

Caesarean delivery

Some mothers feel very anxious about vaginal birth and would prefer to have a Caesarean delivery. If you are feeling anxious or afraid, you will be given a chance to talk about your anxiety in depth and Mr Fernando will discuss what kind of support you can receive during pregnancy and delivery. 

If you still do not feel that vaginal birth is an option, you can be offered a planned Caesarean section. This is a surgical procedure and comes with its own set of risks, but Mr Fernando will ensure you have all the information you need to be comfortable with whatever decision you make.

If necessary, Mr Fernando will arrange a planned Caesarean delivery.

Caesarean delivery might be indicated if:

  • the baby is in breech position (feet first) and the doctor is unable to turn them around
  • you have preeclampsia (high blood pressure due to pregnancy)
  • you have placenta praevia, which is when the placenta is sitting too low
  • you have certain untreated HIV or a herpes outbreak
  • the baby needs to be delivered immediately, such as if they are not getting sufficient oxygen or nutrients
  • labour is not progressing after some time

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